What you’ll learn

  • How to prep your home for the market and pricing strategies
  • How to not get ripped off on high broker commissions
  • How to market your home on the next level using YouTube
  • How to make proper disclosures and not violate the Fair Housing Act
  • Understanding the terms of contingencies and when to consult an attorney
  • How to keep your emotions in check and negotiate like a pro!


David & Mike Laven from The Laven Team walk you through the key steps needed to sell your home for the highest possible price while trying not to create any liability that can get you in trouble.  David & Mike will each provide five video lecture segments outlining the formula of how to maximize your net proceeds and how to minimize your risk when selling your home.  David walks you through the first half on how to maximize your net, covering how to avoid high (or any) listing commissions, how to prep your home for the market, how to price your home, how to market your home (including YouTube secrets) and how to negotiate like a pro, when that time comes.  Mike will takeover on the second half of the course helping you understand how to minimize your risk, covering topics such as how to make proper disclosures, how to talk about your property, how to avoid violations of the Fair Housing Act, how to know when an attorney is needed and how to decipher contingencies in a real estate purchase/sale contract.  This course is suitable for anyone looking to learn more about how real estate professionals would market and sell your property.  If you are trying to sell as a FSBO (for sale by owner) or if you are working with an agent, this course provides numerous techniques to avoid leaving money on the closing table and to avoid creating unnecessary risk for yourself during the process of selling.

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