What you’ll learn

  • Create React project with Nextjs or Vite and create Chess game
  • Learn how to use web workers to optimize UX
  • Use react hooks like a pro
  • Learn how to build real world projects using React, Nextjs, TypeScript and opensource libraries


In this course we will build complete Chess app using React, Next.js and TypeScript. You will learn how to build production ready apps and write effective code. Have Fun building your first game.

Yes, so the course if targeting a larger audience and thus feel free to skip certain sections as per your needs. If you are a beginner developer, or new to web development some advanced concepts might not be very relevant to you immediately. Or if you are already familiar with modern JS and react JS, you might want to skip those sections. However, I have tried to make this course comprehensive as well as concise. I have tried to include as much depth and breadth of the concepts in an easy to understand yet concise fashion as possible. So, I recommend you to at least skim through the entire course with 2x speed if you like.

Next.js is a production-readyfull-stack-capable framework for React JS – one of the most popular JavaScript UI library you can learn these days!

Indeed, Next JS is a great choice for growing as a React developer and for taking your React apps to the next level!

Because Next JS is growing fast and therefore in high demand. And there are good reasons for that: Next JS allows you to build React apps with built-in server-side rendering, static rendering, page pre-rendering and automatic prefetching pages related to the current page. Building great user experiences and search engine friendly (SEO!) React apps has never been easier!

In addition, Next JS makes building full-stack React apps (frontend + backend code combined in one project) extremely easy as well! Blend client-side and server-side code and build a Node JS-based API side-by-side with your frontend React apps. It’s a breeze with Next JS!

After finishing this course, you’ll be have confidence to build your own Next JS projects from the ground up and apply for Next JS positions!

I can’t wait to start this journey together with you! 🙂

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