What you’ll learn

  • Understand the process of gathering requirements
  • Learn the techniques (stakeholder analysis, scope in/out, interview, workshop, scenario, brainstorm, DAR) used to gather, analyze and find solutions)
  • Gather requirements using case study and hands-on exercises
  • Apply requirements engineering in your project (academic or enterprise) and take home the examples of requirements gathered


Gathering project requirements completely and correctly paves the way for many of the project activities that follows including project estimation, scheduling, risk assessment and so on. This step has a great influence on the design and development of the product or service that is envisaged by the idea owner in addition to ensure that expectations of the idea owner and the project execution team are met. The course outlines the process involved in gathering project requirements with common scenarios and examples. The course also equips the students with techniques to manage the challenges faced during the gathering of project requirements. The agenda of the course includes:

Stakeholder analysis

Setting the scope the project (Scope / context diagram)

Elicitation (Gather and elicit requirements using Interview, Workshop, Scenario, Usecase, Survey)

Verification (using Mindmap)

Writing Requirements specification (best practices to ensure quality and Requirements analysis)

Create solutions (Brainstorming for ideas and Focus Group Discussion for analysis and Decision Analysis and Resolution for selecting the best solution / option)

At each section, exercises are to be completed and submitted for review and feedback

As a takeaway, a spreadsheet with examples of requirements gathered for four scenarios and examples of mindmaps for three scenarios are provided

Reference document is provided for further learning and also to move to next level of career growth in terms of certification

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