What you’ll learn

  • Discover the foundation, history and basic principles of the UK GDPR
  • Understand how UK laws govern and control the use of private information
  • Know the duties of a Data Protection Officer and how to manage security
  • Learn the best ways to protect confidential data online and in physical form
  • Explore the different situations that may be exempt from GDPR rules
  • Gain an appreciation of national security and international transfer restrictions


Exploring the legalities and necessities of professional data protection will help you to secure confidential information against misuse and theft. This GDPR UK Training course is geared towards defining the British laws that are in place to govern online security and the collection of customer details. Some things have changed since Brexit in 2020, but the need to protect sensitive data has not.

A large chunk of the population is not aware of the GDPR and its significance. The course structure is designed in such a way that it will help the ones with almost zero knowledge on the topic sync in first and excel gradually in the field. This comprehensive guide to this country’s version of the General Data Protection Regulation will teach you how to meet the expected practices when storing varying amounts of information. You will be shown why data encryption should be installed in systems, how to measure the risks associated with a potential data breach, and how to responsibly send records to overseas territories. In addition to that, there is also a full explanation of the other contents of the Data Protection Act and why exemptions to the law must always exist for practical and ethical reasons. Safeguard your valuable files by taking this awareness training now.

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