What you’ll learn

  • Lean about ATS and how to create ATS – compliant resume
  • Learn how to update applicant profiles to always get to the top of the search
  • Learn how to utilize LinkedIn 100%
  • Discover other methods of looking for a job that you haven’t try before


While going through the course, you will uncover many job-hunting secrets that many don’t know about. We will start by learning what is Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and why all corporations use this software to automatically scan resumes and parse the candidates’ pull.  I will teach you how to create an ATS-compliant resume to get a higher ATS score. This will improve your chances of being contacted when there are 2000 applicants for 1 position.

After the resume, you will uncover many LinkedIn tools you didn’t know about, but can actually benefit from, such as SSI, the Search Engine, and Career Explorer. You will create a stunning professional portfolio and participate in our LinkedIn challenge on the way to your dream job offer.

I will share many hints about how to find the best keywords,  where to check your resume for a robot scan, and you will also learn how to understand job requirements (overqualified or the best match?). Did you know that if your skills match the job requirements – you will be rejected?  That’s true, I am explaining why this is happening in the last module of the course and what you need to do to get your best match.

I guarantee that after applying all recommendations from the course, you will start getting much more recruiters’ calls.

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