What you’ll learn

  • Basic things on energy field


We can hear almost everyone talking about energy. But to what do they refer to all those people? How does it affect us? And why? Is it something new or not? If you have the same questions we are going to have a great journey so we can find the answers together.

It is commonly accepted that human is alive thanks to energy.

An energy field permeates our whole body. The existence of this field has been known since ancient times. Nowadays it’s existence has began to be recognized by academic community and medicine.

This energy field is constantly moving and changing every emotion, thought or act is captured on that. Mental trauma, frustrations or painful experiences, when we are not able to process them properly can block our energy system by altering the flow of vital energy inside our body causing disharmony and diseases.

There are many energy healing techniques, such as self-healing, hypnosis, reiki, qigong, sound Therapy, chakra Therapy and others that can help to restore and balance our body and spirit.

Energy healing should be understood as a powerful tool.

When it becomes part of your daily life it doesn’t only heal the body, but increases self-awareness and awakens our higher self, enhances intuition, stimulates creative thinking and literally transforms our lives.

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