What you’ll learn

  • Get involved. Make a difference in someone’s life as a Holistic Wellness Expert and Coach. Learn time-tested holistic secrets that can help change someone’s life.
  • Everything is carefully designed with you in mind so that you can awaken the healing genius within, to learn, to grow, and to ultimately succeed as a holistic expert and intuitive coach.
  • You’ll find streamlined instructions and intuitive designs like done-for-you coaching guides, teaching slides, coaching schedule, coaching format, and fee schedule, so that you can begin coaching with confidence from day one.
  • Learn proven holistic health secrets, and start or enhance your career in one of the most highly sought-after and profitable health coaching niches.
  • You’ll gain invaluable insights into the true secrets that make a human body tick.
  • Understand what the human body is truly made of — aside from cells, tissues, and organs of course.
  • Gain holistic insights into the triggers that make people sick and how to help your clients avoid them.
  • Discover holistic tips and strategies you can teach to your clients about food, exercise, and healthy habits.
  • Learn how to create a structured coaching program that’s highly effective and result-oriented.
  • Learn how to help your clients achieve an inner state of harmony and wellbeing, using holistic techniques like meditation, concentration, and contemplation.
  • Discover how to attract the right clients and how to structure your coaching program around their schedule.
  • You’ll learn how to keep yourself — and your clients — healthy, even in the midst of an epidemic scare.
  • Learn how to stay focused on what truly matters when it comes to enhancing your client’s state of health and inner vitality.
  • You’ll gain deeper insights into the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Get your certificate as a professional holistic health coach (signed personally by Doctor Homayoun Sadeghi, MD) so you can begin or even enhance your current health coaching practice with confidence.
  • You won’t learn anything that involves things like magic, hand waving, energy healing, or crystal gazing.
  • There are no herbs, vitamins, minerals, potions, or pills.
  • There are no weird diets, calorie requirements, food groups, or meal plans.
  • There are no breathing exercises or ascetic practices.
  • You won’t find any mainstream medical lessons or treatments.
  • This course includes a four-part holistic health documentary, featuring experts, authors, doctors, and patients.


*************************** PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY ****************************

This is a HOLISTIC course.

It teaches you how to coach your clients and help them heal from THE INSIDE OUT.

It includes practices like meditation, concentration, and contemplation.

If you are looking for superfoods, super vitamins, food hacks, meal plans, or mainstream medical lessons, this course is not for you!


— So you want to be a holistic health coach?—

— You want to set yourself apart from others and become a holistic wellness expert?

— You have a passion to help others? To make this world a healthier place without drugs, fad diets, or crazy workout routines?

— You want a rewarding career with a six-figure income potential?

— There’s just one problem: you don’t have the right training or credentials, right? Don’t let that stop you.

— Because if you’re serious about making a difference in this world, if you want to take your career to a whole new level, then you can get there by taking this course.

— Health coaches are in high demand, and I’m not just talking about companies looking for employee; I’m talking about people, I’m talking about individuals looking for coaches. The name of the game is change. It’s all about inner transformation, and people are looking for experts that can help them get there.

— People need help. They need a health coach that can teach them, coach them, motivate them and inspire them, and they are more than willing to pay for it.

— Yes, people are willing to pay you to coach them and help them transform their lives. Are you up for that challenge?

— What’s even more rewarding, is that In most cases, when you become someone’s coach, you become their coach for months, years, or even a lifetime. If you’re good, they’ll keep referring you to their friends, fans, and other potential clients. You’ll keep getting referrals without even having to lift a finger.

— More than ever before, people are looking for ways to be healthier and stronger, without using drugs, and you can be there for them. You can be their holistic wellness coach and help them transform their lives.

—Here’s a question: with all the doctors and specialists, with all the trillions of dollars that are spent on healthcare today, why would anyone need you? Right? The answer is: because medicine is impersonal and one-sided. Doctors are trained to treat your illness, not to coach you.

—Ever wonder why, even though healthcare is growing so enormously, we are still not any healthier? In fact, we are facing an ever-growing epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Why? Because medicine studies disease, not health and wellbeing.

— After working in healthcare for 20 years, after thousands and thousands of surgeries, after teaching so many medical students and postdoctoral residents in world class hospitals and teaching institutions, I learned that lesson firsthand  the hard way.

— That’s right, when it comes to health and healing, doctors focus on treating the disease with surgery and medicine, but the health and wellness coach focuses on setting goals, changing the mindset, and creating a plan to transform the health and wellbeing of the client. A health coach inspires, motivates, and holds the client accountable.

— What will distinguish you though, from the rest of the pack, is that you will accomplish all these steps, but with a holistic approach. You’re not just there to set goals and hold your clients accountable for their progress. You’re there to help vitalize and nourish the whole person. That includes the mind, body, and soul.

— A health coach can get a corporate job and make 50 to 70 thousand dollars a year, but with this course, you can be your own boss, work from home, set your own hours, and potentially earn a six-figure income or more, helping your private clients.

— After years of research, after studying the lives and writings of some of the greatest minds on this topic, after writing a book and producing a health documentary, I’ve learned what it takes to be healthy.

— I guess some people are just naturally healthy. May be they are lucky. But for the rest of us, being healthy has very little to do with luck. Being healthy is a process anyone can learn. You just need to have access to the right information.

— It took me years of hard work to condense decades of experience and insight into this short course, so you can apply and teach the hard-earned lessons the easy way, with confidence.

— As an Ivy League-trained doctor, a teacher and healer, I want to share all these secrets with you  in this course.

— It’s all about learning the scientific concept of health and healing from a spiritual point of view.

— It’s all about learning to understand and navigate the mysteries that govern the human body.

— Chances are, the journey I’m about to take you on is going to blow you away, because you’ve probably never seen or heard anything like it! But don’t worry, once you get started, it’ll all make sense.

So let’s get started.

Let’s start with an outline of what you are about to learn. Let’s go…

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