What you’ll learn

  • Start the path toward a career in financial analysis
  • Understand how companies work from the financial standpoint
  • Build the main financial statements
  • Perform a ratio analysis
  • Understand how to use the profitability framework


Do you want to work in finance but do not have the time and money to enroll in an MBA? Continue reading…

The Quickest and Simplest way to become a Financial Analyst

Becoming a Financial Analyst can be very gratifying from different perspectives. Indeed, this profession was ranked among the most paid in the business world in 2015. As you can imagine this brings a lot of competition into the industry. On the other hand, if you want to earn over $120,000 per year, to work in a dynamic environment while focusing on new exciting projects each time, this profession is for you!

Do you want to learn all the basic concepts of the financial world?

Through my course you will build a strong foundation in accounting with the section: “become an accountant from scratch.” Furthermore, you will acquire a strong foundation in Financial Statements and Ratio analysis throughout the rest of the course.

You will learn all you have to know in regard to:

  • Accounting Cycle.
  • Financial Statements.
  • Profitability Framework.
  • Ratio Analysis.
  • DuPont Analysis.
  • And much more…

Build the foundation that will lead to a successful career in finance

A deeper understanding of the above topics will make your life much easier as Financial Analyst. When I first started in this profession I didn’t have a strong understanding of the above concepts. This slowed my progress a lot. Had I mastered those concepts before, I would have progressed 10x faster in my role.

Content and Overview

Suitable for students who want to become Financial Analysts, for practitioners, who want to boost their career, or entrepreneurs, who want to learn more about Financial Analysis, the course will help you to gain the following benefits:

  • Become extremely knowledgeable and versatile in disciplines such as accounting, financial statements and ratio analysis.
  • Build a strong theoretical and practical foundation, which will give you an invaluable edge over your competition. Many “know-how” about things but few know “why.”
  • Become invaluable for your organization.

The knowledge acquired in over 10 years of experience in the financial world is distilled in few hours. Indeed, I managed a team within the accounting and finance department of an Investment Firm, based in California. In addition, I worked as business journalist in Washington D.C. Also I completed my MBA across Europe and US. This course is my attempt to share with you the knowledge acquired throughout those life experiences!

In this course you will find a great deal of resources:

  • The Accounting Guide (E-book)
  • Extra Slides
  • The Accounting Game (an original way to learn how to build your financials in excel)
  • Quiz and Crossword to assess your level
  • Much more!

Financial Accounting is the key to understand business. If you want to boost your career, join us!

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