What you’ll learn

  • How to draw a fashion girl
  • How to use the 9 head chart
  • How to draw in Procreate
  • How to draw the human figure


In this course I’ll be sharing How I Draw a Fashion girl using Procreate on the iPad. You can still follow along with traditional media but from the ‘Sketch’ class, I will be using Procreate to complete my illustration. You will also learn how to use the Procreate app as I share my process.

You can download the 9 heads guide here when you join my email list!

Here is a break down of the lessons included in this course:

  • Intro to the class
  • Class project (plus a download of the 9 head template)
  • Drawing the basic fashion figure
  • Drawing a dynamic fashion pose
  • Sketching the girl
  • Drawing the Line art
  • Choosing the colour palette
  • Applying the flat colours
  • Adding the face details and shoes
  • Adding shadows to the illustration
  • Adding highlights to the illustration
  • Adding the final details
  • Bonus time lapse video of the entire process

This course is suitable for beginners – intermediates.

Once taking this class you will have the confidence in drawing fashion illustrations and will be able to keep on drawing many more fashion girls on the Procreate app. I hope that you enjoy taking this class and I hope that you learn something new from it. Please let me know if there are anymore classes that you would like to see from me.

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