What you’ll learn

  • How to manifest what you need FAST. (By connecting)
  • How to speed up progress
  • Who is guiding you
  • How to communicate better with your guides
  • Why you have this passion


IS THIS YOU? Your heart tells you your idea is important. Your calling refuses to go away. It seems you have unlimited energy and time flies when you work with this. Your project will help people. It moves you to think about it.

THIS IS YOU? Yes? Well, my friend; You have a true calling. And you are being guided.

This course will teach you how to get the things you need – to be successful in your important quest.

You will also learn how to communicate better with your guides in order to make wiser decisions and speed up the impact of your calling.


Many of us have a calling, but only a few dare to answer it. By you taking the call, you can make a living – by making a difference!

If you are one of the brave ones, I nod my head in respect. You have started nothing less than “The Heros Journey”.

On that path we face challenges. That is why it is important to have a close relationship with our guides along the way.

They have always been with you, hinting and helping. But because of respect for your free will, they are waiting for you to make the first move. When you acknowledge them – and ask them for help, they can do so much more for you;-)


Welcome to a world of wonder: Synchronicities, signs, messages, ideas, inspiration, support, and great humor. You will never need to feel lonely again.

Your invisible coaches (with superpowers) are always there.

In the course, I will teach you how to communicate with your wise guides. So that your impact on the world becomes what you dream of.

FUN FACT: Research shows that people with a purpose in life, live 7 years longer!



In a deep depression, I started searching for answers to the big questions in life. Why are we here? What happens when we die?

This “detective work” and me following my own calling (helping kids to love themselves) has led me through the ups and downs of learning and experiencing the last few years.

(Helping thousands of kids as a result of me having the faith to follow my heart – and be guided. I am happy and very grateful for all the lives the guides and I have touched;-)

Do I claim to know all there is about this? Absolutely not. I don’t think any human does. But I do know enough to share what has worked (and not worked) for me so far.


Imagine you are 100 years old. You are reflecting on your life. What are you grateful for spending time doing?

My bet is on your calling and all the people you helped. It’s not just work. It’s your life’s work.

Love from Terje in Norway.


You probably do not remember us.

We were there when you decided to travel to earth, in human form, to experience and grow.

You took on the task of leaving your loving home, knowing that you would forget what and who you really are.

Yes, you are in human form now, and you are also the bravest of souls, choosing this planet and its many challenges.

We and others look upon your pioneer adventure with great admiration and gratitude.

Your experiences here, both joyful and painful, help us all become wiser.

You will find the true you in your heart. There you will also find us.

You are not alone. We are with you. In this moment and always.

We are your guides, and to connect with us, ask us for help – or a sign.

Our dear elite astronaut and explorer; We in Mission Control can help. Just ask.

And remember: You are so very loved.

From your old friends, the guides.

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