What you’ll learn

  • Always be inspired
  • Come up with original ideas instantly
  • Stay motivated till the project is done
  • Become a resolute goal acheiver


“Finally, Rob Parnell’s Personal & Professional Guide to Staying Inspired, Motivated and “In The Zone” for Beginning New Works and Getting the Most out of All Your Creative Projects.”


Topic: Getting Ideas and Inspiration, Staying Motivated and Being Super Productive

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Duration: 5 hours approx

Delivery: Video, Text, PDF, Audio

LinkedIn Certificated: Yes

Now Available – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Success 

We all know the single-most posed question to artists and writers is, Where do you get your ideas from?”

The question often baffles artists and writers because they have so many ideas, it’s actually hard to know where they DON’T come from.

It’s all about experience and MINDSET.

Do You Want The Professional MIndset?

The one where everything seems possible and ideas are flowing – and you’re always inspired and motivated?

I’d be surprised if you said “no” to that!

The simple fact is that thinking like a full time creative artist is a learned skill. Usually it takes years of painstaking application to your craft. But not anymore – I have distilled down the essence of CREATIVITY and made it available to you – right now – in the form of this course.

This fun packed series of video lessons will take you though all the stages of creative thinking and give you a plethora of advice on how to stay INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and persistently CREATIVE – even when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like doing anything at all!

Here’s a brief sampling of what you’ll discover:

* How to come up with original ideas ON CUE

Learn a simple technique for teaching your mind to automatically perform like a genius.

* How to remain fresh and raring to go at any time

Take the pressure off yourself and relax into being focused and always motivated.

* How to permanently beat Writer’s Block

Finally understand what professionals know about this persistent yet imaginary affliction.

* Understand the true nature of inspiration

Learn how to immediately harness the brain’s equivalent of the runner’s high.

* How to use Fan Fiction effectively

E L James did it, you can too. Use other people’s stories to supercharge your talent.

* Use Dictionaries to prompt writing

This simple technique has always impressed my students – it’ll blow you away too.

* Using writing prompts from online sources

Remain inspired daily, hourly, minute by minute if necessary!

* Harness the power of your own mind

Learn about the Genius Kick that can cold start a brain and keep you going for ages.

* How to get ideas from everywhere – from cereal packets to overheard conversations

The secret to unstoppable creativity is revealed in this unique lesson.

* Understand the power of templates

There are formulas to everything. Now you will know how to create them for yourself.

* How to take more breaks to get more done

The paradox that goes against the herd mentality. Know the truth.

* Learn the David Bowie approach to creativity

This surprising tactic that can define a career and sustain a rock star life.

* How to sustain motivation like a pro

Persistence is way more important than talent. Discover how to keep going easily.

* How write faster, better than ever

Master the art of speed-writing with this proven – but secret – new strategy.

* And much more

NOTE from ROB: This whole video course is beautifully put together, if I say so myself. I seem to have finally gotten the hang of all this equipment for one thing. Plus, being so cut off out here in our new home – living in the peace and quiet of the Flinders Ranges in SA – I’ve really been able to come to terms with myself and my role as a writing and creativity teacher. I’ve been able to use my time much more productively recently – which has enabled me to bring you a better quality course and more focused instruction.

In short, I’d really like to see you take this course. It’s probably my best yet.

As I say, this course is now available – and all the videos and extra resources are ready.

Order the course now, before the inevitable price rise.

You get in early, you get the discount. Click the link below!

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