What you’ll learn

  • the multiverse (parallel universes) as it relates the Christian Mystic experiencing the world
  • how to enter other realms of possibilities
  • moving things from the unseen world to the seen world
  • moving into the world that you desire


In this course you will learn about multiverses as seen in Christian Mysticism, parallel universes and how anyone, Christian or not, can experience these dimensions.

In modern thought there is a single universe, but this will ultimately conflict with the biblical concept of Jesus, that being “All things are possible”.

We will cover a practical explanation of how this perceived conflict does not exist in the totality of reality.

You will come to understand why that fact is so important, and how you can have access to a whole world of possibilities.

You are being transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Once you learn how to access the “impossible” this will diminish your doubts, but more importantly – multiply your belief in the possibilities that open up for you and the Biblical reality that “All things are possible to the one who keeps on believing,” will be YOUR reality.

Jesus was right, ALL things are possible.

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