What you’ll learn

  • Identify the challenges of work- life balance at home.
  • Identify the 7 work-life misconceptions employees endure while working from home.
  • Recognize how to be successful with work-life balance while working at home.
  • Discover techniques for increasing home based work-life balance.


In this course we discuss how remote employees can obtain a work-life balance, even when working from home.

We begin with a brief overview of work-life balance and discuss why it can be especially challenging to balance your work and lifestyle at home. We visualize what a healthy home based work- life balance looks like and then we complete a personal work-life balance assessment to identify individual areas of focus.

Afterwards, we work through the 7 common work-life misconceptions employees endure when working from home and how to combat them. Then, we delve into over 25 unique tips and tricks for increasing work-life balance from home. At the end of the course, we develop an action plan with home based work-life balance techniques that will align with an individual’s personal goals.

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