What you’ll learn

  • How to speak to customers and close new business
  • Estimate jobs and present packages to increase average sales
  • Scheduling Jobs to increase productivity
  • How to Implement Automated Bidding Software for maximum profit
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Step-By-Step on the Job Procedures
  • How to Clean Houses, Roofs, Decks and Fences, and More


In the “How to Operate a Pressure Washing Business”┬áCourse, you’ll discover the processes, procedures, and best practices for your Pressure Washing Business Field Operations. Learn step-by-step guidance on how to operate a pressure washing business from the minute you arrive at your customer location until you collect payment and depart for the next job.

This course will teach you how to greet customers, how to prepare you rig for wash operations, and what systems to use for different applications. It also introduces the different cleaning systems and terminology that are common in the industry. Terms like down-streaming versus soft-washing and the differences in equipment for each.

This course also introduces the basics of building your own pressure washing rig and the systems associated with a professional setup. You’ll learn what gear you need and how to assemble it on a trailer or wash-skid. Understand the differences between the supply, high-pressure, and low-pressure systems commonly associated with wash operations.

Building your own pressure washing rig will ensure you understand what might go wrong when you’re on the job and how to fix it in the field. Tackling a pressure washer trailer build requires some mechanical abilities but it’s definitely not rocket science so trust you can do it.

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