What you’ll learn

  • Learn exactly how to write top-quality, custom Letters of Motivation for your German university application
  • Learn what German university professors are looking for in your Letters of Motivation
  • Get to know the top fatal errors that many international applicants make when applying to German universities and how to avoid them
  • Get permanent access to our checklist and template to create your PERFECT Letters of Motivation


Are you staring at a blank sheet of paper where your Letter of Motivation for a German university program should be? Are you finding it hard to start or finish your Letter of Motivation, simply because you don’t know what to cover? Are you wondering what you need to write to impress German professors and improve your admissions chances?

Well then, this course is for you! By the end of this course, you will have learned everything there is to know about Letters of Motivation (LOMs) for German universities, from the earliest planning stages, to editing your final drafts. You will gain the ability to write a truly convincing letter of motivation, significantly improving your application chances for competitive programs at German universities.

The course will help you understand the requirements of different study programmes and avoid common mistakes that international students make in their LOMs. You will know how to structure a good Letter of Motivation and what information to include from your previous experience, without repeating you CV. We will provide you with the right tools to edit and polish your final LOM draft, so you can confidently submit it in your application.

We hope you enjoy this course and good luck with your university application!

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