What you’ll learn

  • How to imagine and write a romance story for publication
  • How to create classic heroines, heroes, and other romance characters
  • How to create compelling plots and books that readers can’t put down


“Achieve Success as an Author of Romance Short Stories and Novellas!”

“The Market is Ripe – and, If You Follow Rob Parnell’s Uniquely PROVEN Advice, Your Success in This Fabulous Genre is Assured!”

Listen – of all the fiction paperbacks published last year, over 55% of them were genre romance novels.

And that statistic goes for self-published books on Amazon AS WELL.

New authors can easily take advantage of the opportunity to entertain romance readers writing and selling SHORT romance stories with as much or as little eroticism as you like.

There’s a HUGE demand for all kinds of romance stories from SWEET and innocent to HOT and raunchy.

All YOU have to do is find the genre spot where you’re comfortable and then join the growing band of new author in this massive and growing marketplace.

In an industry worth over 3.5 billion dollars a year – and growing like no other genre, success is attained by new romance authors on a daily basis!

These authors are not mega-stars or TV celebrities – they’re just normal writers with homes and families, living happy family lives – but with one major difference – they have fans and readers who want theor romance stories!

“Romance is the Most Popular Fiction in the World.”

Did you know there are hundreds of millions of romance readers out there, some of whom read up to 20 romances a month?

Even men make up an estimated fifth of all romance readers!

(It’s also common ‘insider’ knowledge that around a tenth of romance authors are in fact men – who use female pseudonyms!)

Rob’s unique writing course is a proven system for writing a GREAT and salable romance – endorsed by romance writers the world over.

Rob Parnell has compiled this course’, tested it, verified it with romance publishers and romance writing associations – AND already enabled hundreds of authors to start their romance writig careers. (One of his students won the Whitbread Prize for best novel of that year!)

Now, YOU are could be only months – perhaps weeks – away from beginning a new path – that of a self published romance author.

All YOU have to do is find out EXACTLY what is required.

It’s more than doable – by any writer with a few weeks to spare and a desire for success – and not a little fame.

(Romance readers are very loyal by the way.)

All YOU have to do is find out how to write EXACTLY what romance publishers and romance readers want – and this is what this course makes SO easy for you!

This course shows you, step by simple step, how to invent your main characters, then how to structure your plot into a commercial romance story.

Here are the course contents:

Module 1. Introduction
Here we define the terms of reference, learn exactly what a romance is and ask, why write romance, and is it right for you?

Module 2. The Context of Romance

Discover the history behind this fascinating genre, gain the motivation you will need and take some easy course exercises to help you on your way.

Module 3. Romance as a Fiction Genre
The place and purpose of romance in our society, the responsibility you must face when you write romantic fiction, the myth of the romance ‘formula’ and other frequently asked questions.

Module 4. Creating Characters

We deep dive into creating compelling heroines and perfect male leads. We study their motivations, their agendas and their aspirations with study and practical exercises.

Module 5. Idea Development

When it comes to writing, you need ideas. In this fun packed module we learn how to come up with romance story ideas, the rules for basic romance composition and address student pertinent questions.

Module 6. Genre Specifics
Here we cover choosing locations, creating dialogue, how to keep your relationships lively and fascinating, and get to know the inside advice on handling sex in your stories and weddings. With examples.

Module 7. Practical Considerations
How to learn (or not!) from other romance authors, making your writing space perfect, plus more questions from students answered with candor and authority.

Module 8. Completing Your Manuscript

A whole slew of tips and tactics to get you started like style and pacing, how to overcome the obstacles to perfect relationships (with examples) and how to create a totally satisfying ending to your romance story.

Module 9. Real World Issues
Crucial advice on how to write FAST, how to come up with hundreds of ideas for more romance stories, how to compete in the romance short story market, and how to go about getting published – or self publishing on Amazon and earning royalties EVERY MONTH.

All this and lots of exercises, extra information, tips and pointers on writing style, voice, point of view, dialogue, flashbacks, foreshadowing, creating drama, tension and, as you’d expect from Rob Parnell, fast and effective writing, editing and polishing.

There is also important advice on preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication.

The final section includes a current market listing for romance publishers AND a list of romance literary agents.

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