What you’ll learn

  • Write your novel today and feel great as you do it
  • Use techniques to quickly get started with each writing session
  • Overcome fear
  • Handle perfectionism
  • Beat procrastination
  • Create great characters, dialogue and plot twists
  • Use techniques to overcome writer’s block
  • Learn how to get unstuck
  • Use structure to energize your novel and create great pacing
  • Complete your novel and enjoy feelings of accomplishment


What if you could be writing your novel today and feel great about it? Imagine that you feel the delightful surprise in each writing session – as you create great characters, compelling plot twists, and exceptional dialogue. What a joy to write so that you create a real connection with the reader!

This course is based on the book (same title) that BookAuthority . org says is #12 of  “The 20 Best New Overcome Fear Books To Read In 2023.” This unique course combines how to believe in yourself so you make daily progress on your novel, and you complete your novel.

The course creator Tom Marcoux is the author of over 50 books including novels under a pen name.

As an international speaker-author, Tom has taught creative people how to break through the obstacles of fear, perfectionism and procrastination – so that they bring their finished projects to the world.

Winner of a special award at the Emmy Awards and writer-director of a feature film that went to the Cannes film market, Tom truly knows storytelling.

You will learn to:

  • Use “Safety Nets” so that you ensure the quality of your novel
  • Remove blocks to use structure to energize your novel and create great pacing
  • Use techniques to write each day — and overcome writer’s block
  • Learn how to write well and complete your novel

    Use the techniques of this course and then you’ll enjoy the wonderful feelings of accomplishment and the possibilities of reaching a large audience. Make novel writing a larger and delightful part of your life.

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