What you’ll learn

  • Add to your knowledge of Tangles (patterns) by learning atleast 10 more Zentangle Original Tangles
  • Learn Tangling Techniques that are used often while we practice Zentangle method of drawing
  • Learn and understand the meaning of Tangleations and how to create Tangleations
  • Learn Tangle Enhancing Techniques and Journaling.
  • Take your Zentangle journey ahead of basics to a level where you can create your own patterns in a fun and enjoyable way.


Course description:

Zentangle® Intermediate Course covers all that you need to know to take your Zentangle® practice ahead of basics. Zentangle® HQ has released close to 170 original tangles. In this course, we will be taking our knowledge of Zentomology further by adding 10 more patterns to our tangle kitty. Zentangle® requires no prior artistic backgrounds, it is an easy and fun to learn abstract artform which uses certain structured patterns to create beautiful artwork.

Contents of this course is as follows:

1. Introduction to the course- beyond basics

2. How to draw tangles Flux, Purk, Jetties and Marasu

· Drawing a tile using the above tangles

3. Learning technique- based tangles such as Huggins, W2, Cadent and N’Zepple

· Drawing a tile using these technique-based tangles

4. Understanding the meaning of Tangleations

· Drawing a tile using tangleations of original patterns.

5. Understanding Tangle Enhancing Techniques

· Drawing a tile using tangle enhancers

6. Journaling and its importance

7.Sneak Peek into advance Zentangle® course

This course will enable you to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. Zentangle® builds focus, concentration and helps deal with low self-esteem or negative self-image by enabling you to create beautiful art work using very simple strokes. At the same time this course will also enhance your knowledge of Zentangle® by teaching various tangling techniques, enhancers and creating beautiful tangleations/ variations.

Zentangle® is very meditative and therapeutic. Zentangle® is not mindless doodling or scribbling. Zentangle® instils mindfulness, it teaches you to be aware and relax at the same time. The tangles require repetitive strokes which are drawn in a deliberate way, with full focus and attention, but with an open mind. A true mediation. As they call it Zen…Tangle…

All is good in Zentangle®, no mistakes, it’s something you practice to make yourself feel good and happy, no judgements involved. Since mistakes don’t matter, the stress of perfection isn’t there, just pure art…..

Zentangle® is a metaphor for life –the underlying principles of Zentangle® are applicable to real life situations and its benefits translate to all aspects of life. So, join me in my journey and learn what is special about putting pen to paper the Zentangle® way.

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