What you’ll learn

  • learn how to trade stocks
  • two hours
  • learn the pros and cons of trading stocks
  • become a better trader


This course is not financial advice, this course is for educational purposes only. The wall street goose is not responsible or liable for any trades or losses you incur. The wall street goose course will teach you when to buy and sell a stock. If you are a beginner or a professional, the course will help you become profitable and knowledgeable. There are many types of courses available online, but no other course can deliver the information to trade stocks with simplicity like the wall street goose course. You will become a better trader when you finish the entire course if you apply yourself and are committed to implement the strategies the course teaches you. Discipline when trading is what will separate the successful from the unsuccessful traders. Studying every night, watching local and world news will give you an edge in the markets as you check markets in Asia and Europe before American markets are open. Also reading about legendary traders like Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones to name a few that will inspire and help you learn a variety of different trading styles. There is a time to day trade, swing trade and invest. You will learn the proper time to trade and when to sit on a cash position. Patience is another key to success, and you do not want to over trade or revenge trade.

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