What you’ll learn

  • The different ways of getting pay rises
  • How to become more valuable to your employer
  • How to turn your low paying job in a highly paid career
  • The formulae for a wealthy & progressive career


Welcome to Increase Your Salary: Own Your Career & Get Multiple Payrises!

By the end of this course, You’ll know how to start getting payrises in your career, without having to beg your manager for a raise!

3 years ago I was in a low-paying job that I didn’t like and I could barely pay the bills. I really wanted to get paid more – so I bought many programs on how to get a raise. However, all these courses only taught about salary negotiation.

I implemented what I learned, but my manager said no time after time again or he would give me a tiny payrise for me having to take on loads more work.

I was really frustrated, because I knew I was offering so much more value to my employer. I started to research and learned that if you stay in the same career for more than 2 years, you get paid 50% less over a 10-year period. I was doing the right thing but in the wrong place.

Negotiating a raise with your current boss is just 1 way to get a payrise and probably won’t get you very far. As I started implementing what I learned the hard way, I started to receive payrises and enjoy my career more.

And I wish the same for you: that you love Mondays again and that you get paid what you’re worth in a progressive career rather than just a low-paying job with no future.

I designed this course for professionals like yourself in a 9-5 job who want to get paid more, without them thinking that begging & negotiating with their manager is the only way to get a payrise. As I learned the hard way there are many other ways to get a payrise which I’m teaching in this course.

Thank you for checking out my course, I look forward to seeing you inside the program!

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