What you’ll learn

  • How you can make a career in Inside Sales
  • Roles and responsibilities in Inside Sales
  • Skills enhancement for Inside Sales
  • Career Path in Inside Sales


Learn the tricks and trips to close deals successfully and learn how to sell just about anything!

Sales has grown beyond just meeting customers face-to-face and convincing them to buy a certain product. Times have changed and so has the techniques. Sales is an essential part of many things you do – be it selling yourself in a job interview or selling products to customers. It is all about matching the best solution to customer needs so that they want to buy from you again.

By enrolling in LeadSquared’s Inside Sales certification program, upskill yourself and get to learn the tricks and tips of inside sales from the industry experts themselves. For those looking to pursue a career in inside sales and for those currently in the industry, stay ahead of your competition with our program!

This program covers everything you need to know about inside sales – the techniques followed, roles and responsibilities, benefits, career path, and will teach you important skills that will be valuable in the course of your career. You will also get to hear from industry experts – their views on inside sales and how they grew their career.

Inside Sales is fast becoming a career of choice especially with the onslaught of Covid and businesses moving online and adopting digital transformation. With the demand for sales increasing across industries, and more roles opening up, inside sales has become a flourishing career. By enrolling in LeadSquared’s Inside Sales certification program, upskill yourself and get ahead in your career. Explore the fundamentals of inside sales, its prospects and get a clear understanding of inside sales. You can use this program as a foundation on which you can build your inside sales career. This program covers some of the essentials of Inside Sales – the role, responsibilities, why companies prefer inside sales, the benefits of a career in inside sales, the career path, how you can successfully build a career, and the top industries hiring for this role. Learn from the industry experts on their inside sales journey and tips for aspiring inside sales professionals.

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