What you’ll learn

  • Instantaneous mystic protection
  • Practical visualization
  • The four main aspects of existence composed of: Heart, mind, emotions, and physical body.
  • How to manifest an energetic shield
  • How to enter into the Void
  • How to raise the energetic frequency
  • How to create an Avatar of protection


Instant Protection is one of the most powerful protection methods ever known to the public. Instant Protection conveys three techniques: Instant Shield which manifests an energetic shield capable of protecting the practitioner from the incoming negative forces, Void Presence which cloaks the practitioner with a type of invisibility and gives passive defense against hostilities, and High Frequency Surge which raises the frequencies of the practitioner to a safety zone where negative energies cannot reach. These techniques are effective, offer strong adaptability to the environments and can be achieved in an instant. The negative forces will not wait you to be ready, with Instant Protection you can stand always ready to be protected.

To be well protected is to maintain the inner-harmony intact, to have inner-harmony is the foundation to a peaceful and joyous life. To be well protected one can reach firmness, strength, and ease.

Besides of learning the techniques of Instant Protection many interesting knowledge about mysticism are taught throughout the course which can aid you to gain more awareness about existence. If you enjoy mysticism and/or want to obtain efficacious protective measures this course is made for you. Uncover your latent powers and discover new possibilities in life, feel unfettered and expansive with the integral knowledge of the universe.

All video lectures are in 1080p HD resolution.

This course is fully closed captioned in English.

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