What you’ll learn

  • Introducing students to terminologies and concepts in International business
  • Understanding Cultural Aspects in Globalization
  • Understanding Economic Systems and how they influence international business
  • How governments use market intervention mechanisms
  • How regional economic integration affects international business
  • Understanding international business strategies and entry modes used by MNC’s
  • Learning about LME and CME countries


Welcome to this International business fundamentals course. This course has been curated to give students a thorough understanding of beginner level International Business. This is ideal for people who have little to no exposure to International business terms and terminologies.

Whether you are an International Business manager or a business student seeking to learn about business fundamentals, then this course is the one for you. This course is updated regularly to give you the latest information on Business Fundamentals.

This course will also touch upon various aspects one may encounter in International Business, including the formation and selection of International Business Strategy. We will also be covering the different stages of internalization for a business and the impact of culture on it.

Varying economic and political systems, affect the international business process differently. We are going to analyze this impact. The course will also discuss different government intervention techniques which may affect international business.

At the end of this course, students will be well acquainted with the fundamentals of international business terms. You will also find it easier to progress to more complex theories involved in international business. In order to keep the students informed about new developments, this business fundamentals course is updated frequently.

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