What you’ll learn

  • Why a career in IT might be suiting
  • MacOS vs Unix/Linux vs Windows
  • PC & Hardware
  • Importance of Software
  • Networking
  • Cyber Security
  • Virtualization
  • In demand Programming Languages
  • Where to apply.
  • About the Helpdesk Role


In this course, you will learn all the key areas of IT. The key areas being Use of Mac, *Unix and Windows, Hardware, Software, Networking, Security, Virtualization and Coding. You will also learn the Soft Skills required to land your first IT job and continuously succeed.  As seen, there are many areas to cover in IT. My goal in this course is to show you basic concepts of each area and describe the skillset it takes to succeed in IT.

Soft Skills

– What skillset is required to work in IT

– Learning how to communicate with nontechnical people

– Understand confidentiality of data

Mac v *Unix v Windows Operating Systems

– What OS does what

– Where you would see each OS

– Working with the different OS


– Inside a PC and Laptop

-Input and Output devices

– Hardware requirements

-Hardware in other areas of IT


– What software is available

– Software requirements

– Continuously updating and adapting

– The importance of backing up


– OSI and TCP/IP Models

– Principle Networking Concepts

– Subnetting

– Switches and Routers

– Different Area Networks


– Types of Attacks

– Types of Viruses/Malware

– Types of Threat Actors

– Attack Surface

– Securing the Attack Surface


– Why it is important

– Implementing VMWare

– Configuring a Virtual Machine


– W3Schools

– Important languages to know


– Which certifications to consider

Landing my first IT job

– Where to apply

– Helpdesk roles

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