What you’ll learn

  • Learn how stories are structured to create mystery, conflict and intrique
  • The secret tactic all authors use to sell stories
  • How to publish your novel, choose to self-publish, go hybrid or traditional
  • The many ways you can earn from your writing


How long has it been since you harboured a dream to write a novel? To become a writer? Have you spent years hoping, planning, plotting the big novel that will go straight to the NY Times bestseller list? Do you dream of working from home or having a job that gives you freedom to work from wherever you choose.

How many times have you found yourself saying: “One day I hope to write a novel.”

“One Day” is one of the lies we tell ourselves to keep our hopes alive, to give us the will to get through each day: one day I’ll write a book, one day I’ll lose weight, one day I’ll stop smoking, one day …

But the biggest lies come from others: good writers are born not made, it takes years to write a book, you’ll never make an income from writing. All deceptions to stop you even trying.

​And so you continue to dream “one day.”

However, writing is a process and as such it can be learned, you just need to be shown the techniques.

How would it feel to you, if, after a lifetime of saying ‘One Day’ you could actually say: ‘today I have published my first novel.’ How would your family feel? What do you think your close friends would say, knowing how much you’ve always wanted to do this?

This course gives you a thorough grounding in the creation and publication processes necessary to produce and publish your first fiction novel. We will help you find an idea, create an outline and compelling characters that your readers will love, correctly structure your novel to develop intrigue, mystery and conflict – the time honoured tactics that have readers coming back for more time and again.

You will learn how to create sensory detail, dialogue and pace and then when your novel is complete, the steps towards publishing your novel, including proofreading, copyright, ISBNs, publishing and marketing.

Whether you aim to self-publish or look for an agent and publisher, this course will give you helpful hints and tips to achieve this.

There are exercises throughout and at the end of the course an optional Project you can complete and send to your tutor for feedback.

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