What you’ll learn

  • How to invest in Mutual funds based on age, financial goals and other factors. Learn 3 step process to Plan, Act & Achieve in Mutual funds.
  • Understand the basics of mutual fund you need to know as investor. Learn How to overcome the myths in mutual funds.
  • Learn What are the Different types of mutual funds and how you can use them. Structure of mutual fund or fund house.
  • How to choose a mutual fund. Should it be based on current performance ? Learn How to track your invested funds and when to change your funds.
  • In depth analysis and comparison of various mutual funds.


Investing in mutual funds is an effective way to diversify your portfolio and make your money work for you. You can start from as small as 100 rupees investing every month. Mutual funds provide the opportunity to make long-term investments with minimal research, time, and effort. This is because mutual funds are professionally managed portfolios that are composed of a variety of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments which are intended to meet specific investment objectives. Investing in mutual funds can provide investors with access to a variety of markets, asset classes, and investment strategies to help reach their financial goals. Mutual funds provide cost-effective access to expert portfolio management and diversification, while providing access to a variety of asset classes and geographic regions. Additionally, mutual funds can be tailored to meet investors’ individual goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons. In this course, we’ll discuss the basics of investing in mutual funds, the key benefits of mutual funds, and the different types of mutual funds available. We’ll also discuss how to choose the right mutual fund to achieve your financial goals. Broadly speaking, they can be grouped into four main categories: index funds, actively managed funds, sector funds and balanced funds. Each type has its own unique features and characteristics, so it’s important to evaluate your individual needs before deciding which type of mutual fund to invest in. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail in this course.

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