What you’ll learn

  • Learn Islam from Scratch
  • Basics of Islam
  • Have good knowledge of Islamic Religion
  • Learn to be tolerant of other religions



The beginner course on various subjects related to Islam.

Learn about the religion of Allah and all of the prophets from Adam to Muhammad. Learn about the simple concepts of Islam regarding the concept of God, the prophets and other beliefs. What defines belief and disbelief in Islam? What does Islam define as worship? Why do Muslims worship God 5 times a day.

All of this and much more to be covered in this concise but very comprehensive course on the many subjects of Islam.

  1. This is the beginner course on Basics of Islam
  2. This course covers a variety of subjects related to Islam
    • Learn about Allah – The Creator
    • Learn about the prophet Muhammad – The last prophet of Islam
    • Learn about the belief of Islam
    • Learn about the sources of Islam
    • Learn about the concept of hereafter – The life after death
    • Learn about the concept of worship in Islam
    • Learn about the rights and duties in Islam
    • And so many more topics covered within this course and outher cources on the topic of Islam
  3. The course is broken down in section to make it easily digestable
  4. the course contains simple 90+ questions and answers
  5. The whole course is presented in video alongside the presentation
  6. Take notes and watch at the same time

    Learning Islam has never been as easy as now. Take your time and learn and digest all of the knowledge. Take notes that are clearly shown on the screen alongside the video.

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