What you’ll learn

  • Master The Complete Job Interview Process, From Building A Results-Based Resume, All The Way To Negotiating Their Salary
  • Adapt To Job Applications In English-Speaking Countries As A Non-Native Speaker Through An Entire Section Designed To Help You Through The Transition
  • Prepare The Essential Assets For Job Applications Including Accomplishment Lists, Printed Out Sales Scripts, QR Code Business Cards & Linked Email Signatures
  • Create A Results-Based Resume Which Is Quantified To Communicate Your Value To Employers. Learn How To Tailor Every Single Line Through A Step-By-Step Framework
  • Quantify Your Accomplishments By Using The 6 Different Methods That Are Taught In This Course
  • Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into An Employability Magnet By Tailoring All The Essential Aspects Including Profile Photos, Headlines, Summary, Work Experience, Endorsements And Recommendations
  • Learn From Other’s Experiences By Watching 10+ Case Studies That Draw Upon The Aspects Taught In The Course
  • Discover New Job Opportunities By Not Only Relying On The Traditional Job Seeking Paths
  • By-Pass The Recruitment Process By Identifying Recruiters And Contacting Them Directly Via A Step-By-Step Blueprint
  • Create A Powerful Personal Brand That Increases Your Perceived Value And Instantly Separates You From The Other Candidates Via 4 Secret Strategies
  • Turn Your Accomplishments Into Stories & Learn How To Succeed In Any Face-To-Face Interview
  • Master The Art Of Answering Competency Questions Through The SAR/PAR Frameworks And See 20 Questions & Model Answers In The Lectures
  • Be Prepared For Other Interview Steps Such As Psychometric Testing, Assessment Centres, Role-Play Interviews Or Phone Interviews
  • Master Salary Negotiation Principles & Techniques Including How To Find A Range, Knowing When To Negotiate, Different Leverage Tactics & The Most Powerful Negotiation Tactic There Is


  • 13,000+ Students have enrolled in my 13 Courses!
  • The 4.75 Rating from student reviews shows the value packed in this course!
  • Practicality: Over 95 lectures including PDFsCase Studies and Action Items will enable you to put in practice everything you learn!

Accelerating your career twice as fast, achieving up to an 80% dream job application success rate or doubling your salary – all of this is possible if you master the job hacking process.

If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with the job you’re in, wanted a higher salary, had an ambition for climbing the corporate ladder OR simply looked to switch industries, then this course is for you. Everything will change starting now, if you commit to taking action.

This comprehensive Job Hacking Blueprint will take you through the whole recruitment process, showing you how to get the essentials right, but also exposing you to hacks that will accelerate your progression and instantly separate you from the other candidates.

Here’s what makes this course different:

  • The Essential Assets For Job Hunting are resources you should invest time in prior to your job applications. Having them will make your job application more valuable with the adage of Accomplishment Lists or QR Code Business Cards.
  • The Quant Resume Blueprint will show you how to instantly communicate value to employers by focusing on results. It’s a step-by-step process which is easy to follow by anyone, including techniques such as the One Liner Sniper or 6 Different Ways To Quantify Accomplishments.
  • LinkedIn & By-Passing The Recruitment Process: two sections that focus specifically on building a Superstar LinkedIn Profile and using the platform to discover new job opportunities and EVEN contacting recruiters directly to increase your success rate.
  • Personal Branding 101 will show you advanced methods to become an authority figure in your domain so that you instantly separate yourself from the other applicants.
  • The Interview Techniques are comprehensive and cover everything from how to turn your accomplishments into stories, answering competency questions through the SAR/PAR techniques, as well as other interview steps (e.g. Assessment centres, role-play interviews, psychometric tests)
  • Intercultural Awareness addresses the challenges that most non-native English speakers face when applying for jobs in these countries (including myself!). Learn how to maximise your job application success rate and minimise the gap between yourself and native speakers.
  • Salary Negotiation Dynamics put you in contact with the most powerful negotiation tactics that are tailored to salary negotiation so that you know exactly how to get the best deal on the table.

The Bonuses

Apart from the 13 Sections, this course includes additional materials that will add to your learning experience:

  • 10+ Case Studies covering real situations that myself/my connections have experienced which reinforce the lecture content
  • 5+ PDFs which give you tangible resources such as Amazing LinkedIn Summary Examples or Recruiter Networking Scripts
  • 3 Live Resume Transformations – Resume obtained from my Udemy students which I transform from top to bottom in order to make them results-based masterpieces

The Guarantee

This course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Taking this course – the most powerful job interview out there – is a no-brainer and I guarantee that once you’ve improved your interviewing skills, the results will more than make up for the small investment you made to enroll.

Will you take action and take control of your professional career? If you want to be more fulfilled on a professional level whilst increasing your salary, then take this course now and join me in the virtual classroom!

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