What you’ll learn

  • Create API endpoints
  • Handle API requests and responses from the client side scripts
  • Create a backend server using Node js
  • Use GCP service accounts, web clients & API Keys
  • Use Apps Script to create and deploy web apps
  • Practice with free and free tiers of Google APIs
  • Practice different Google Authentication techniques
  • Create a real life web app that encompass 3 APIs working together
  • Create and practice your own Node methods


  • Straightforward approach on how to use APIs in your front end or client side scripts and in your backend scripts.
  • We shall build a real world project along the course. It will be realized on different platforms mixing the usage of 3-4 APIs at the same time with many authentication and authorization techniques
  • We shall excel using Goggle APIs as translate and sheets together with 3rd party APIs
  • You will master using Google Apps Script to develop Web Apps
  • You will understand how to build your own API
  • Moreover at every chapter we shall clarify the theoretical and acronyms commonly used so you won’t know only how to code this stuff but what each part of the code means and what are the resources to find it yourself. In other words we shall give you the fishing stick rather than the fish
  • We shall use JavaScript, Node.js, and Apps script extensively in the course. But, we shall give you a strong boost at each of them at the beginning and along the course. This means that you won’t learn only about APIs but you will leverage your Node.js and npm, JavaScript and Apps Script experience at the same time.
  • Moreover a lot of coding tricks will be covered along the course which also will leverage your coding abilities
  • Intentionally some common mistakes and error are let to happen to show you the real programming and troubleshooting world not the class room ideal status that is trouble free
  • In case that you face any problem with applying the code, drop us a line in the Q&A and we shall be there for you
  • Even if you want to take any of the topics we covered to the next level beyond this course we shall be there to answer your questions
  • See you inside the course

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