What you’ll learn

  • Leadership and management skills needed to lead a team in any industry
  • How to develop a leader’s authority
  • How an effective leader manages difficult people
  • 10 essential traits of great leaders
  • How to create and lead a team
  • How a leader inspires his people
  • Gain the respect a leader needs to manage his team well


Leadership Skills Training 101 : First Steps To Leadership : 10 Qualities Of Great Leaders

Achieving and maintaining effective leadership depends upon an almost intuitive integration of core characteristics. These characteristics, once explained, have the quality of ‘deja vu’ – they immediately make sense.

Complex behavioural changes are simply not required in order to excel as a leader. Interpretation of your passion and commitment to your team readily translates into the basic leadership skills essential to achieving your, and the team’s, goals.

The course focuses on the essential qualities of a great leader. Master just a few of these techniques and you will be the leader your team deserves.

Leadership Skills Covered:

  1. Introduction – What Is A leader?
  2. How A Leader Inspires The Team
  3. Incentives – Do They Work?
  4. Maintaining A Leader’s Authority
  5. How Does A Great Leader Deal With Crises?
  6. Is It Better For A Leader To Be Feared Or Liked?
  7. How A Leader Handles Dissent
  8. Team Creation – The Leader’s First Job
  9. Personality Types Leader’s Should Know
  10. Conclusion & Recap

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