What you’ll learn

  • Simplified explanations of all the concepts of Lean Management with practical examples and exercises designed exclusively for service industry scenarios.
  • How to optimize processes to reduce delays, defects, rework, wastage, and costs
  • How to optimize processes to improve quality, productivity, and capacity
  • How to balance the workload of people
  • Philosophy of Lean, various improvement techniques of Lean, and their benefits
  • How to identify value-add and non-value-add activities from customer perspective
  • How to perform a detailed analysis on a process to identify various types of waste
  • How to reduce cycle time, lead time, and idle time in processes
  • How to arrive at right sizing of people
  • Benefits and impact of optimized processes on Business
  • How to establish a new process in Lean way to make it highly effective and efficient
  • How to meet the challenges of uneven demand and volumes of customer orders
  • How and when to adopt PUSH and PULL mechanisms for processes


This course consists of seven (7) videos that are part of 4 modules namely: Introduction, Value Stream Mapping, Improvement Techniques, and Conclusion. Each module comes with excellent audio-visual demonstrations with high quality professional narrations. All the concepts are explained with easy to understand practical examples. Additionally, there are 8 templates, exercises, and course materials provided to you to make you quickly gain the expertise and confidence on the concepts. You can download all these course materials, templates, and the exercises.

why settle for only the course completion certificate that Udemy provides after you complete this course? After you complete this course, you will have the opportunity to become a “Certified Lean Management Professional”. There will be one online test for each of the following modules: Introduction, Value Stream Mapping, and Improvement Techniques. You will have 5 attempts to clear one test. The questions will be based on the course material that is provided to you as part of this course.

NOTE: There is an additional cost for this certification due to the maintenance costs of online testing platform that cannot be done via Udemy. You will get more details about the cost and the certification procedure in the last (Bonus) lecture.

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