What you’ll learn

  • Be Able to Read and Create a Numerology Chart
  • Understand the Deep Energies Behind Numbers 1-9, 11, 22, 33, and Other Combinations
  • Understand the Base Number, Life Path Number, and Numerology Combinations in a Chart
  • Predict Life Events and Energies Based on Numerological Personal Years
  • Decode Your Name Numerology and Use Numerology on an Everyday Basis for an Enhanced Life


In this course, you will learn:

1. The base and life path numbers and their meanings

2. Deep insights about the numbers 1-9 and how they apply to people

3. How to read a numerological birth chart

4. The combinations in the chart and what they result in

5. Name Numerology

6. Life periods and how to calculate future events and how they affect your other numbers

7. Lucky days and colors that complement the numerology

8. House and Business Numerology and Signature Analysis

I studied under someone that practiced Vedic Numerology for many years, and I have had great luck in helping people learn more about themselves and what’s to come in their lives through my hundreds to thousands of readings. Now, I wish to help others learn this deep knowledge.

Each section/lecture is split into about 30 minutes, and there are 12 sections offered. This means you have about 6 hours of material to dive into that will provide my in-depth research on numerology.

Bio: I have studied numerology and astrology for the past 10 years. After thousands of readings for people, I was convinced by their overwhelming positive feedback that Vedic Numerology and Astrology are incredibly accurate at helping understand themselves and their life circumstances. They are also efficient tools for changing your life for the better. I now offer my numerology course on here for all to learn.

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