What you’ll learn

  • Master the REST API Development
  • Learn Prisma Basics
  • Prisma Relations, Queries, Database Conntection, Deployment
  • Testing REST APIs with Jest and Prisma
  • Deploy Prisma REST APIs
  • API development with Nodejs and Express
  • Express basics


Prisma is a next-generation object–relational mapper (ORM) that claims to help developers build faster and make fewer errors. Prisma takes a different approach to ORMs compared to traditional ORMs. It uses a custom Schema Definition Language (SDL) that automatically writes migrations and generates type-safe code.

Why Prisma?

  • ORMs facilitate implementing the domain model. The domain model is an object model that incorporates the behavior and data of your business logic. In other words, it allows you to focus on real business concepts rather than the database structure or SQL semantics.
  • ORMs help reduce the amount of code. They save you from writing repetitive SQL statements for common CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations and escaping user input to prevent vulnerabilities such as SQL injections.
  • ORMs require you to write little to no SQL (depending on your complexity you may still need to write the odd raw query). This is beneficial for developers who are not familiar with SQL but still want to work with a database.
  • Many ORMs abstract database-specific details. In theory, this means that an ORM can make changing from one database to another easier. It should be noted that in practice applications rarely change the database they use.

In this course, we are going to build the REST API in Prisma, Node, Express, and Postgres

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