What you’ll learn

  • Learn How To Ground And Protect Your Energy Body.
  • Become an energy master. Grounded to our beautiful Mother Earth


What does your dream life look like?

Learn how to ground and protect your energy body in this beautifully powerful course.

Simply take a deep breath in,,, and out,,, in,,, and out,,. Watch the breath, Be the breath, You are not the breath! You are the watcher of the watcher of the breath, grounded in NOW. Now is the only time that ever exists and any time you live grounded into this present moment you are truly living.
✔Ground yourself into the only time that exists, now!

✔The true meaning of Mindfulness.

✔Energy cleansing, grounding and protecting.

✔Done at your own pass, in your own time, within your own safe space.

✔Learn how to ground yourself in love!

✔Beliefs dictate your life. Believe you can or believe you can’t, either way you’re correct.

✔Small investment with maximum returns and gains.

It’s time to choose you!

My name is Kain Stromberg. I am a spiritual teacher and soul coach, NLP practitioner, mindfulness and mental health specialist. I work with a wide range of techniques and skillsets, plus I am very gifted in my ability to channel through divine wisdom. I am able to do this after extensive deep meditation and this is the reason all the work I create is so powerful and unique.

Everything that exists is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and yet again I will refer to energy as water; as this is the way I interpreted the information gifted to me by source. So, you are a body containing energy! If your energy becomes polluted or discoloured it will remain so until you have used up that old energy and brought in new clean fresh energy. Or you can ground and cleanse yourself and perform this process in a matter of minutes instead of hours, or sometimes days, or even weeks. A tree grows tall and strong, able to withstand the storms of life because of its deep and extensive root system.

Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that focuses on aligning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth. Grounding can be performed inside or outside, with or without grounding equipment.

The term grounding is also refers to when we ground the electricity in a house or car to the earth. Did you know that you have an electrical current flowing around our body? To ground to the earth allows any excess or negatively charged energy to drain safely into the earth, where Gaia will recycle it into something new. Grounding the electrical current flowing around a house makes it safer, just as your body is in a better energetic state after grounding yourself! To raise your vibration is to raise your base line electrical current within your body, to raise your frequency!! The more raise your vibration, the more energy and ability you subsequently posses. Grounding allows any negative or spent current to be removed, creating yet more space for clean fresh energy to fill. Breathe it in, it’s free energy at its best!

If you want to learn about your energy body, and how to ground and protect it, then you simply must take this course today. Go ahead and do so now, as now is the only time that ever exists.

Learn how to live fully present in the only time that ever exists, NOW.

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