What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to create HTML document
  • You will learn how to structure HTML document
  • You will learn how to style HTML with CSS
  • You will laern how to style HTML with visual examples
  • You will learn how to create columns, rows
  • You will learn how to position elements in the viewport


Hi, I am a WordPress developer. But first of all to be any kind of Web developer you can’t do without HTML and CSS , because HTML is the base of any website and CSS is an integral part to create the design of the HTML document.

The idea of my courses will be to recreate the way I have learned everything in a form with which I could help other people to master Web debelopment.

My courses will be different and realistic. Many courses offer to become accomplished Web developers within a few hours of video tutorials. This of course is impossible because the process takes a lot of time and work and diligence.

I am developing as a web developer ot 2014 and I can not say that I know everything. Technology is constantly changing, and you have to constantly learn and level up. Apart from that, if you start working professionally, with every project you will get new challenges to struggle with and read more and more.

If there is interest in my training methods, the material will be divided into multiple courses that cover specific problems and how to deal with them. So instead of becoming an “accomplished” Web developer in 10-20 hours, with my training you will master a problem and its solution in 1-2-3 hours.

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