What you’ll learn

  • The key principles of UX
  • How design thinking helps to create innovative solutions
  • The skills and qualities you need to be a good UX professional
  • Why design-driven companies have a proven competitive advantage
  • The 8 main disciplines in which UX can be divided
  • The 7 factors that influence the User Experience
  • The importance of user and business goals and how to balance them
  • The contrast between divergent and convergent thinking
  • Ideation techniques to explore as many ideas as possible
  • The benefits of using a prototype to test your ideas
  • How to create a user research plan
  • The most important principles for interaction design
  • The principles to follow to design a good interface


Learn the foundations of User Experience with this self-paced UX course. Gain the skills you need to create impactful experiences for products in today’s digital world.

Start learning UX today

Do you want to know more about the fastest-growing field in design? Look no further. Learn UX Today is a step-by-step course packed with real-world examples. No expensive bootcamp or lengthy training, but 20 easy-to-understand video lessons that teach you the foundations of UX. Knowledge that you can apply the same day.

Created by UX experts

This course was created by experts in UX design and research. On a mission to grow the UX maturity within organizations. Seasoned UX leader Ruben Boerhof takes you through this fascinating field in 20 video lessons. Packed with examples from his work experience in which he has created user experiences for companies such as Booking, Volkswagen, and Audi.

Who can benefit?

This beginner-level course is suitable for newbies and UX professionals looking to refresh their knowledge. If you are a non-designer, this course is specifically for you. Whether you are a business manager, product owner, marketer, or developer. The field of UX design has something to teach you.

What you’ll learn in 20 video lessons

  1. An introduction to UX. The first chapter covers the basic concepts of UX. In six lessons you will learn what value UX design adds to a project and which aspects to consider when designing exceptional user experiences.
  2. UX Design Process. In the second chapter, you will learn everything about Design Thinking. We guide you through each phase of this iterative design process which helps you to find alternative strategies and create innovative solutions.
  3. UX Fundamentals. In the final chapter, we discuss the disciplines that fall under the broad spectrum of UX. You’ll get a thorough introduction to all of these areas and learn how each component impacts the overall user experience.

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