What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to activate your Light Language and what is blocking you
  • Once you have activated your Light Language, understand what it is and hold an awareness of all expressions.
  • Learn about the foundational information of duality, intentions setting importance, and empowerment.
  • Understand the importance of your breath when connecting to Light Language
  • To have awareness of the restrictions of your mind and Light Language
  • How does Light Language assist in healing the physical body, emotions, and your energetic field, allowing flow state
  • To have an understanding of soul fragmentation and deep core wounds that will strengthen your Light Language and human experience
  • To deepen your connection to your Light Language through understanding a pure channelling state
  • To understand pure channelling
  • How to heal yourself by using your Light Language expression
  • To have an awareness and understanding of using your discernment and expanding at a deep soul level for you to rise


What will I learn in this course?

The journey of your spiritual journey comes from understanding all aspects of your being. Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

This course will help you understand how to activate your Light Language if you haven’t already as well as, what may block your activation of your Light Language.

Understand your gift once it has activated and move you deeper into what your Light Language can do for your own healing journey.

Once you understand, you can Master your Light Expression to help others.

Light Language comes in many forms, it is important to understand each type of expression, from writing Light codes, art, energetic hand gestures, the spoken word, singing, music, toning, and body movement.

Learn how to Master your gift of Light to assist in healing from your emotional traumas in this life and past lives and ancestral lines. As well as your physical body ascension symptoms, and upgrade your connection to your multidimensional aspects, guides, higher self, and Galactic aspects.

The deepening into pure channelling will also be covered within this course. With this information, you will move past the mind and move into a flow state of being. This allows the Light codes to intensify the vibration and healing effects.

Included within this course you will receive:

  • Light Language Activation Transmissions

    Channelled recordings to assist you to go deeper into;

  • Pure Channelling
  • Breath
  • Quantum Breath
  • Distance Healing understanding
  • Quantum Field,

    as well as

  • Mindset and Empowerment.

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