What you’ll learn

  • Everyone should come away from this short lighting course with a solid foundation.
  • You will have the knowledge needed to light a scene and begin filming!
  • How to use lighting basic equipment.


This short course is here to lay the groundwork for you to have a solid understanding of lighting and the effect it has on your scene. I tried to deliver the content without leaving much room for fluff. The topics are laid out into bite-sized videos for easy consumption. The goal is help you understand each topic without going too far in-depth. The course format is pretty consistent and fast paced. Understanding lighting even at a basic level will build and improve your overall production quality. I’ve experienced this bump myself a couple years ago. These lighting techniques will become second nature when you learn to put it into practice. The constant repetition and experimentation will help develop a level of mastery over lighting for video. From there, you will step into the world of cinematography. There is so much to learn and experience, so let’s get started with a speed run of the basics.

Learn Lighting Fundamentals in This Comprehensive Course.

  • Learn the essentials of lighting
  • Change the game once you master the ability to make changes to your scenes
  • Use low budget tricks to illuminate your subject and scene
  • Walk away with a strong understand of the basics in just 30-40 minutes
  • Become confident setting up your studio lighting.

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