What you’ll learn

  • Learn 15 specific and actionable guidelines to becoming a better listener.
  • Recognize 3 types of conversations (emotional, logical and informational).
  • Use the 5-step listening process to find areas where you can improve.
  • Improve how you evaluate the message and respond to a speaker.
  • Improve how well you understand and remember what you hear.


This concise course was carefully designed to present only the most important aspects of listening to ensure that you get the greatest benefit in the shortest time. The course was also deliberately presented in simple terms to make it easier to learn and remember.

15 specific and actionable guidelines to improve your listening skills are presented and structured around the 5-step listening process. If you practice and apply these guidelines, you will become a better listener.

At work, you listen to your boss, colleagues, suppliers, and customers. At home, you listen to your family and friends.

You listen to podcasts, online courses, and professors, to improve your knowledge.

Suffice it to say, you listen a lot.

By becoming a better listener at work, you improve your chance of getting a promotion or growing your business; by becoming a better listener at home, you improve your relationships with your family and friends; and by becoming a better listener in general you become a better learner.

If you improve your listening skills, even a little bit, you will improve all these aspects of your life. Therefore, the benefit from becoming a better listener adds up and compounds over time making it worth the effort.

Take a look at the sample videos and get started on improving your listening skills.

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