What you’ll learn

  • How to prep your life for worry-free wandering
  • Must have resources for working remotely
  • Discover travel personality
  • Learn a foolproof guide to managing money from afar


Bali. Bora Bora. Belize.

Ever fantasized about working from somewhere–anywhere–else in the world?

Thanks to advances in modern technology and more secure ways to remit & receive payments electronically, more and more people are able to live “location-independent’ lifestyles.

Whether they’re working remotely for their current company, finding fresh new short-term opportunities in foreign places or simply toting their current online businesses overseas, the truth is, you no longer have to wait til retirement (or 20 years to finally “earn” 4 weeks of PTO) to tick off those bucket list vacations.

Instead, you can start bringing your “dream” trips into your current lifestyle today–while still earning money and growing a business or career!

Sound too good to be true? If so, I understand.

For many of us–especially if we have spouses, families or just uber-traditional careers–the whole idea sounds great in theory, but in reality? It feels like a tedious process at best and downright impossible at worst.

Whether that’s because you’re stuck in a soul-gnashing day job and finding “remote” work feels like a pipe dream…

Or because you can’t fathom how you could possibly move your online business across the ocean logistically (how can you just pick up & leave everything behind, including that hefty mortgage?) …

Or because you’re not sure how you’d explain the whole “let’s just go live in a foreign country for a few months” idea to your spouse or kids…

I totally get that living the “laptop lifestyle” can seem overwhelming. (Even if we do all have that one friend–or many friends–who’ve done it and make it look obnoxiously easy.)

The truth if you’ve always wanted to travel the world– but couldn’t see any viable way to make it happen…

…the good news is that it CAN be done.

It’s True: The Internet Has Made “Working from Wherever” Possible for Everyone (Even if You’re Super Traditional)

If you’re here, you already know that when you run an online business, a whole new world opens up to you–literally.

You can easily visit new cities and countries while working online. In fact, working from Wi-Fi has become THE most popular way most people fulfill their dream of traveling the world.

There are lots of other proven benefits to skipping town for a while, too: Living somewhere new – with fresh surroundings, culture, food and other attractions to explore – can bring a refreshing change of pace to your life. And that change of pace can also bring a new level of inspiration, income and impact to your life.

Even better? This lifestyle isn’t just for entrepreneurs, either. Remote work & the “gig” economy have made it more commonplace for any & everyone who is ready to give up the “traditional” thinking that travel is reserved for the rich and/or retired to take their lives on the road.

But there is one problem…

Becoming “Location Independent” Requires Work!

If you envy that friend on IG who’s in Dubai one month & Paris the next, the truth is, it isn’t as “easy peasy” as s/he makes it look.

…Especially if you already have a full life at home, you can’t simply pack up your laptop & half your wardrobe & basic toiletries & hit the road (or jet).

If you want to live the laptop lifestyle that will allow you (and your family) to live & work anywhere in the world, there are a few things to consider before you embark on a global adventure.

This  4-Module course is designed to teach you the practical steps to take to become a digital nomad in just three months–max!

You’ll discover exactly what a digital nomad actually is, how to decide if it’s the right path for you & what actions to take to set up your entire life (and career or business) for successful, stress-free long-term travel.

Module  1: How to Prep Your Life for Worry-Free Wandering

For most of us, leaving the country requires at least a little prep work–especially if we have a family or assets in our name. That’s why in Lesson 1, we’re going to dive deep into ALL the things you need to do to prepare your current home life for extended travel, including…

How to get your family and/or spouse on board the location-independent train–aka exactly what to say to prepare your

family for the trip of a lifetime!

Best practices for managing money, bills, subscriptions & other household responsibilities from abroad–so you can

keep uncollected mail from piling up on your doorstep & reduce the risk of identity theft and other issues.

Rookie nomad mistakes you don’t want to make–including all the “must have” documents you need to travel abroad

safely & securely.

What you absolutely must do before exploring the world–including all the stuff you don’t want to think about, but

definitely need to (i.e., vaccines, visas, etc.)

What to do if you feel overwhelmed with the logistics (hint: you can have someone else handle all this for you–and I’ll tell

you how!)

When & how to book your flight or other tickets to have the most affordable adventure ever!

Module 2: A Nomad’s Must-Have Resources for Working Remotely

You can’t predict or prevent every tech snafu that could potentially pop up while working away from home, but doing careful research and taking certain precautions before you leave will make your tech transitions much easier. In Lesson 2 we’ll look at…

Figuring out your specific tech needs–including how to avoid potential security risks abroad.

How to properly prepare your team for your travels to minimize work troubles–including the top digital nomad-approved tools & alternatives for scheduling, meetings & other communication.

The right way to break your big news to clients–plus tips & tricks for presenting new business boundaries to clients in a non-demanding way

The top local resources to find & put on speed dial when you reach your destination–so you can spend less time thinking (or researching) which cafes have WiFi & more time experiencing the land, people & culture!

Module 3: What’s YOUR Travel Personality?

By now, your mind is made up: the nomad life is definitely the life for you. But how the heck do you pick the “right” place to live abroad? It all comes down to your travel personality. During Lesson 3, you’ll uncover your unique type, which will help you discover exactly which experience(s) will make your trip enjoyable and memorable, Here’s what we’ll cover…

A quick-n-dirty quiz to determine your “travel” personality–and help you choose the perfect places to stay & play.

Identifying your travel goals & narrowing down the specific experiences you’re looking for–and ensure you have a

fantastic time while you travel!

How to set realistic expectations for your travels–including how to best deal with all day-to-day stuff we take for granted

(i.e., transportation, language barriers & leaving your comfort zone!)

The most effective resources for connecting with other new digital nomads–for camaraderie, connections & maybe a

cocktail or two!

How to get clear on how much money you’ll need to realistically make and have to spend–so you don’t have to stress

over bills abroad or back home.

Why despite all this you shouldn’t worry about picking the “wrong” place to travel!

Module  4: A Foolproof Guide to Managing Money from Afar

Money is a huge factor in how smooth–or not-so-smooth–your new nomad life will go. Lesson 4 will teach you how to take control of your cash before & after leaving the country, including…

Discovering the perfect way for YOU to make money abroad & realize your dreams of becoming a digital nomad– 

including alternatives you’ve probably never thought about!

Managing finances at home & abroad–including tips for setting solid money goals, savings goals & unique ways to make

your money work for you while away.

How to treat yourself while in a new place–without bankrupting yourself, too.

The #1 thing to minimize in order to maximize your overall experience–you do NOT want to gloss over this!

Stop Dreaming About Living Abroad and Experience

Fantasizing about living it up in Fiji while making six figures from your laptop is fun & all– but turning it into a reality requires real action in the real world. That said, with just a little upfront prep work, you can easily reap the rewards–and the flight miles–of the digital nomad life.

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