What you’ll learn

  • You will build your self confident with dozens of practical methods of solving questions
  • Understanding how to approach a logic design interview questions
  • Enrich your skill in solving logic design interview questions
  • You will learn about synchronizations methods to prevent CDC issues
  • VLSI architecture methods
  • How to stand out during your next job interview


Job interview it is a test.

Job interview is your first impression.

You want to be prepared, you want to stand out – but you don’t have much time.

This course is for you!

In this course we will solve and discuss questions on many VLSI topics such as:

  • Synchronizers
  • frequency dividers
  • memories, architecture
  • Clock Domain Crossing
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Tsetup and Thold
  • and more

You will learn about principles the will help you to deal with job interview questions, for examples:

  • Divide and Conquer
  • Multiplication
  • Planning the Basics

We will solve the questions in more than one way and we will compare between the solutions.

We will expand your toolbox and we will build your self-confidence, so that you will arrive at the next interview as prepared as possible.

This course contains real interview questions in many subjects.

At each video I will present you a question and then you will be asked to stop the video and to try to solve the question.

Then we will have the “presentation of the solution”. I will explain you the the solution and I will give you some tips how to solve it by yourself.

I interviewed dozens of candidates and I have a lot of experience with job interviews.

Let me show you how to succeed.

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