What you’ll learn

  • Everything that is needed to become a competent consulting astrologer
  • The main ideas and the basic skills of the Magi Astrology, one of the most rewarding and at the same time easy to learn schools of astrology
  • What is Magi Astrology, why it is special
  • What are the main working tools of the Magi Astrology and how they are used
  • How to find out the person’s main talents and predispositions in the areas of love, money and success
  • How to evaluate the potential of a relationship, in terms of love, money and success
  • How to find time periods when special opportunities emerge, in love, money and success


Do you want to learn a proper, serious astrology in the easiest possible way?

Or do you already know some astrology but a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of detail and wish to make your knowledge more useful?

Then Magi Astrology might be the answer for you. This is a very special kind of astrology that was developed to specifically address those questions that many, if not all people have:

  • In which occupations and areas of life will I most likely achieve success and prominence?
  • Which partner is the most appropriate for me?
  • When am I going to be lucky?
  • Can we do business together?
  • What’s the best time to meet a partner?
  • When should I start my project?

Magi Astrology is special because the answers it offers are specific. It’s not a vague, uncertain kind of advice you can often get in some other schools of astrology. To make this approach possible, Magi Society, which is the organization behind the Magi Astrology, did a lot of research, and they presented their findings over the years in three books and many online articles.

I am using Magi Astrology for more than two decades, and in this course I was able to concentrate, systematize and present in the most comprehensible way knowledge from many different sources. I will teach you everything that is necessary to understand and start practicing Magi Astrology. For those who have no previous knowledge of serious astrology, I will offer an introductory module explaining thoroughly all the necessary details. And if at any point you’ll feel like you are lost, just reach out and I’ll help you. I might even add a few more lessons to make a problematic concept easier to understand.

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