What you’ll learn

  • Skills to learn, improve and retain memory and focus
  • A fun, enjoyable method to build neural pathways
  • Improvement to focus, attention, tracking, and cognitive skills
  • Improve executive functions of the brain
  • Scientifically researched methods that delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia


In this course, we help you improve or retain cognitive functioning, capacity, and memory using several techniques. We engage different aspects of brain health in a fun environment while building memory, focus, attention, and shape recognition using mahjong tiles. No experience or familiarity with mahjong is necessary.

We do some counting techniques, shape recognition, introduce distractions so you can train yourself on focus, and put you in situations where you have a limited timeframe to track items as they move around the screen. We also introduce you to the game of mahjong. You will learn about the mahjong tiles and how to recognize them so you can do some of the memory exercises we created for you. You do not need to be familiar with mahjong to do this course. You will not learn how to play a mahjong game from this course. You also do not need to learn any more about mahjong than you do in this course. If you decide to learn mahjong after this course, your skills learned in this course will help you when you play.

I am a brain injury survivor that used mahjong to regain memory, cognitive functioning, and focus. My Mahjong for Memory program is my way of sharing what I know, what I learned, and what I experienced as I gained back my brain health. There are many tools and resources you can use when it comes to regaining or retaining memory and improving brain health and functioning. I wanted to provide a program that is really fun and that you can grow with. I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

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