What you’ll learn

  • Conceptual understanding of Mindfulness
  • Conceptual understanding of Heartfulness
  • Neuroscience
  • Informal daily practice
  • Common definitions reframed


Master the essential elements of Mindfulness, which includes Heartfulness, as it applies to your daily life!  We look at the definition of Mindfulness, in each of its parts, as it relates to your neurobiology in a healthy state that is able to work with the environment around you.  We look at things that create mindlessness and define that in its few forms.  We look at target resolutions to strengthen our clarity of vision, and to be in a state of clarity with ourselves.  We explore the informal practice as it applies to our daily lives.  We talk about the neuroscience, how our brain and body work in its parts and in relationship to other parts.  We explore the purpose of meditation and formal practice, looking at the components and ways you can find them imbedded in your daily routines.  We explore mindful communication and balanced compassion, working with the need to shift between self-compassion, tenacious compassion, loving-kindness compassion and fierce compassion.  In conclusion, you will be aware of the fundamental ways to guide yourself, check in with yourself, and to remain and return to mindfulness and heartfulness throughout your days.

Included in the class:


Definition of Mindfulness

Definition of Mindlessness

Differentiating between thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, and imaging

Differentiating between opinions and judgements

Heartfulness as neutrality with awareness of positive and negative, equanimity in situations, Balanced Compassion for Unconditional Love, and Gratitude

Target Solutions of Dual Awareness for processing/healing trauma and unconditional awareness, inclusivity, and unconditional love math corrections

History of Mindfulness studies

Neuroscience studies about the brain and body and the way the pre-frontal cortex influences

Components of practice-types of attention and 12 states

Formal Practice overview and 3 sample meditations (1 minute each)

Informal Practice


Closing thoughts and Other Programs

Reflecting on the Presentation-Turning towards the importance, significance, and power of Heartfulness, Types of Reality and Truths, Informal practice continued, and Mindful communication expanded


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