What you’ll learn

  • What is the inner child
  • How to recognize unhealed trauma in daily life
  • How to connect with totem animals to heal the inner child
  • How to use hypnosis to release trauma and triggers


In this course you’ll learn how to connect with your power totem animal. This is one way to connect to your internal power and cultivate courage within yourself. There are many types of beings on your “Spirit Guide Team”, totem animals is one aspect of your team. Your power totem will help you connect to that part of yourself that is fearless and can conquer anything.

You might just be at the beginning of your spiritual awakening and starting to notice the signs and synchronicities all around. You might have recently experienced the death of a loved one or pet and have found that you’re receiving messages in your dreams at night. You might simply be looking to find more stability within yourself and your spiritual practice and you want to change a certain aspect of your life but not sure how to go from the metaphysical to the physical with this practice. This course will help you to harness the power of your totem animals and learn how to meet them and work with them in simple and practical ways that will bring results to any aspect of life.

This course will help you understand the language of your own spirit team, what the signs and synchronicities mean, how to call on new totem animals, how to work with those on your team and how to use their wisdom, their insight, their knowledge to create lasting change in each area of your life. You’ll learn how to build a relationship with your power totem and how to communicate with them. You’ll be able to harness their energy in order to shift the energy you’re holding in your body or release limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in life.

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