What you’ll learn

  • Discover practical and science-backed methods to overcome overwhelm, stress and distraction
  • Gain several coping strategies to reduce stress and increase focus, presence and high-performance
  • Assess your stress and its impact on your capabilities, relationships and outcomes, and learn what to do about it
  • Leverage techniques and tools for better collaboration, communication and impact
  • Measurably increase emotional and relational intelligences
  • Assess your well-being and commit to key factors that generate wellness, prosperity and joy
  • Explore research-based positive habit strategies and create your takeaway plan of action for sustainable success
  • Gain a robust toolkit of evidence-based practices, coaching worksheets, guides and resources that will help you master your stress response, deepen your emotional


Would you like to reduce stress and increase your confidence, adaptiveness and success? Would you like to gain new insights and research-based methods to build your mental, emotional and physical well-being? If so, this course is for you!

Stress, overwhelm, and distraction can really overrun our motivation, our presence and our joy. Under chronic stress, we just can’t seem to show up as the person (the employee, the leader, the friend, the loved one…) that we KNOW we can be. We may find ourselves in a rut or feeling like we can’t step off the treadmill of daily life enough to gain a fresh perspective and an effective approach to work and life.  Your overall success relies on a foundation of effective stress-management and steady well-being.

Mindful Resilience means to grow your inner capacity to face work and life challenges with greater poise, ease and positive outcomes for yourself, others and your endeavors. Let’s close the gaps between what we know we can be and how we show up when things get tough. Let’s match up our inner intention with our outer impact. Let’s skillfully increase our wellness. Let’s become mindfully resilient!

Through a blend of activities, assessments, worksheets, and easy, evidence-based mindfulness practices, you will get savvy with your stress and more committed to factors that enable sustainable high-performance.

As a mindful resilience coach and trainer, I have guided top leaders, as well as career beginners, from high anxiety to inner calm and from performance struggles to career advancement with greater personal happiness. I bring you research-backed insights, tools and practices drawn from 20+ years of experience. I’ve had clients tell me that this mindful resilience work has saved their career… their marriage… and even their hair from falling out!

Are you ready to maximize your ability to think, connect and feel energized, even in the face of tough challenges and high demands? Let’s get started!

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