What you’ll learn

  • Resist sexual temptation and restore sexual purity.
  • Biblical tools and spiritual exercises to overcome temptation.
  • Cleanse your life from past sexual sin and close doorways to sin.
  • Overcome shame and learn to move forward.
  • Words of wisdom from someone who has been there.


Overcoming pornography and sexual addiction IS possible!

Based on the book Mission Possible: Winning the Battle over Temptation, this course makes it possible to enjoy freedom from sexual temptation. In this hard-hitting but practical resource, Dr. Gil Stieglitz gives real answers about how to develop and maintain purity in mind and body. It is possible for men and women to take control of their minds, eyes, and bodies to break free from sexual temptation and addiction. When they do, they reach new levels of mental and emotional clarity and renewed purity again.

This course was developed to help those caught up in the web of sexual addiction and pornography and want to defeat the stronghold of lust in their lives. You no longer have to live in shame or fear.

You will receive video instruction by Dr. Gil Stieglitz, someone who knows the struggle, along with scripture verses and exercises to download. There will be plenty of encouragement to overcome temptation against sexual and pornography addiction. This is a tried and true curriculum based on many, many hours of counseling and small group sessions and is perfect for individuals, pastors, ministry leaders, youth groups, and parents who need the sound advice, examples of wisdom, and spirit of discernment to help people battle and overcome this widespread, insidious issue.

  • Individuals can have the tools and exercises to break free
  • Small groups can work together for accountability and purity
  • Teenagers and college students can learn new skills to overcome temptation and maintain purity
  • Counselors and pastors can help a client break through to freedom
  • Parents can help their teens out of the web of sexual bondage

Learn how to fight the spiritual battle that rages behind the scenes in any sexual temptation or addiction. Begin your journey to freedom today.

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