What you’ll learn

  • To stop thinking that you are a bad mother, or a bad father, or a bad educator
  • To relate better to ADHD, because you will understand it better
  • How to apply simple strategies that will help you and your child
  • To organize your daily life in a positive and constructive way
  • Build a trusting relationship with your child or student
  • To stay calm and regain energy at times when you feel you are losing patience or hope


Do you want to stop asking yourself if you are doing the right thing when helping a child with ADHD?

Would you like to find a better way to know and understand ADHD, so you can apply new tactics and strategies to simplify your life and minimize difficult moments?

If you are an adult (parent of a child with ADHD, an educational professional who is in the classroom with ADHD children, or a direct or indirect family member) who lives with ADHD and wants to act differently, then this course is for you. You will not be disappointed. When you complete it, you will gain basic knowledge about the brain and valuable tools that will turn your life around.

I have created this course in order to help and shed a brighter light on this disorder from the point of view of a mother who has lived with it for over 25 years. I want to inspire anyone who wants to take a more active part in living with ADHD.

My attempts, successes, and failures will be shared in order to pave your own way as a companion (family or not) of a child with ADHD. This course is not only theory, it also comes with a list of various suggestions for you to choose the ones you consider most suitable for your particular situation.

Like many of you, I am the mother of a child with ADHD (diagnosed by a neurologist at the age of 3). This totally unexpected situation presented me with challenges with myself, my son, my family and my school (having changed institutions 7 times, from Kindergarten to University). The relentless search for solutions led me to get certified in the USA on brain health and in Australia on Neuroscience for Leaders.

At the end of each module, you will find links to texts or scientific references, in case you want to explore further.

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