What you’ll learn

  • Learn Methods To Stop Negative Self Talk
  • Learn What Causes Negative Self Talk
  • Learn Methods To Silence The Inner Critic
  • Stop Anxiety & Paranoia Controlling Your Life
  • Release Negative Thoughts That Are Holding You Back
  • Learn Techniques To Take Control Of Your Mind & Your Life


This course will show you where negative self-talk comes from and how you can reduce it using hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness and journaling techniques.

Learn methods to stop negative self-talk and silence the inner critic.

This course is for you if you would like to:

Stop anxiety and paranoia from controlling your life.

Feel comfortable in public and social situations.

Achieve your goals.

Release anything holding you back.

Take control of your life.

Overcome limiting beliefs.

Improve your self-image.

Have more confidence and self-esteem.

Adopt a more positive attitude, positive thoughts and positive self-image.

Learn how to set goals that you will be able to stick to and achieve.

The course includes hypnosis and guided meditation MP3 downloads.

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