What you’ll learn

  • Discover “CBT” tools and techniques that help in keeping track of your inner dialogue.
  • Learn how to control “Stress and Anxiety” using scientific methods.
  • The benefits of ‘Mindfulness’ through meditation.
  • Discover why practicing self-care is a necessity not a luxury.
  • The 5 easy steps to take you from an anxious mum to an awesome mum.


Instead of looking at parenting styles, this course looks at ways to support you the parent, NOT to feel guilty about wanting, needing some quality downtime with yourself – you know… like the times you enjoyed before you were a mummy  and a partner and you were just you and didn’t have to plan and schedule spinning so many plates to ensure your children’s needs are met and  everything and everyone in the home runs smoothly.

This quality downtime for you is not selfish or indulgent it is a necessity,  helping you manage your own stress levels, thoughts and emotions more effectively is beneficial to parenting more calmly.

How we respond to our children’s difficult behaviours matters.

It makes a world of difference to be able to react rationally under pressure.  We can either attempt to quiet the storm or contribute to letting the chaos get out of hand, as adults we are the only ones who have the ability to manage and regulate our emotions.

We can stop ourselves from reacting in our default mode of shouting and banishing the children to their bedrooms during tantrums or power struggles with our children, by stopping ourselves in the moment.

That moment allows us to do some breathwork before escalating the situation.

Changing our normal reactive parenting response is not easy, however, it is achievable  with tools and techniques and the benefit this change brings you is the pleasure back into parenting.

You become a more calm, measured and in control parent.

When we are present and aware, we achieve significant progress not only for ourselves, but we demonstrate a positive role model to our children.

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